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We are Eje Enterprises. We are note buyers.We purchase

many different types of notes. Such as: Mortgage notes,

Seller financed notes, Non performing notes, trustdeed notes,

and etc.

The process of buying and selling trust deed notes, seller financed notes, mortgage payment notes non performing notes, and etc is not as obvious as it may seem.

Seller financing is a popular means for homeowners to sell their homes. With banks and interest rates being as they are today. If you have a trustdeed, seller financed note or,another type of note that you are receiving monthly payments on, and want to sale your note at a discounted rate EJE Enterprises is the right choice for you.

Every Mortgage note, Seller financed note,or Trustdeed note deal is different We know all financial decisions are important to the future of your business or family. We offer that personal touch. Owning a trustdeed,seller financed, or non performing note is like having money in the bank.

EJE Enterprises is here to help you. We offer that personal touch, and are intuned to your needs. We have all the tools to give you the deal that best suits you.

No matter which side of the purchase you're on, you need an experienced advocate to help you get the best deal.

My Expertise:

  • Expert Investors willing to purchase your note
           Seller Financed note buyers
           Trust deed note buyers
           Mortgage note buyers
           Non performing note buyers
  • Skillful negotiating ability
  • Innovative marketing ideas
  • Extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding personal service

I am dedicated to my clients' needs no trustdeed or seller note is to small or large. And we won't stop working until you are satisfied with the offer you recieved. We have a network of Investors (Note Buyers) that are looking for Seller financed notes, Trustdeeds,Mortgage notes, and Non performing notes for sale.

I believe in straightforward, honest communication. I would be honored to represent you and make your transaction a pleasant and stress-free one.

EJE Enterprises

So please contact me today!